Milwaukee 8 120″ Top End Kit

Milwaukee 8 120″ Top End Kit


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Milwaukee 8 120″ Top End Kit

(Milwaukee 8 114″ Engine Upgrade Package)

  • Full CNC Port Headwork Package Ready To Go: $1700.00
  • Custom H-D Milwaukee 8 Pistons: $390.00
  • Custom Milwaukee 8 Cams: $189.95
  • S&S Adjustable Pushrod Kit With Tubes: $187.95
  • S&S Premium Lifters: $279.95
  • Oil Pump Switch out: $87.96
  • Topend Gaskit Kit: $190.00
  • Bore & Hone Cylinders: $200.00

     KJC Milwaukee 8 120″ Top End Kit Total: $3225.81 (parts only)

***Pricing does not include labor/Install, shop fees and taxes***All engine kits will require core changes***
(Recommended that exhaust system, air cleaner and throttle body/injectors be switched out for maximum performance.)

Additional Cost For Throttle Body, Injector Upgrade

08-Up Dresser Fbw Throttle Body 55mm-58mm: $550.00
08-Up Dresser Fbw Throttle Body 62mm-68mm: $585.00
02-07 Cable Drive Throttle Body 51mm-55mm: $695.00
02-07 Cable Drive Throttle Body 58mm: $785.00
02-07 Cable Drive Throttle Body 62mm: $1100.00
5.3Gps Inj: $180.00 Per Set
6.2Gps Inj: $285.00

Horsepower And Torque Spec

Horsepower and torque numbers are calculated at an average on our dyno! The numbers will vary depending on exhaust, air quality, tune, how the bike is being tuned, and what dyno the bike is being tuned on! That being said, we at KJC recommend that the final peak numbers not be the main focus. The main focus should be how the bike pulls, where the bike pulls, and the final calculated gains (before and after comparisons)!





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