08-Up Dresser Fbw Throttle Body 55mm-58mm Max Flow

08-Up Dresser Fbw Throttle Body 55mm-58mm Max Flow



HPi Throttle-By-Wire throttle bodies are CNC machined in-house from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM fit every time. We utilize your stock core electronics and build them into a new throttle body casting, CNC ported manifold, complete with new intake flanges and seals.

Our units are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower gains while maintaining compatibility with stock map sensors, fuel rail and cruise control.

Features Include:
-Fully CNC ported in-house
-Utilizes stock fuel rail and map sensor
-Stock bolt pattern and location
-Stock electronics are tested before and after rebuild
-Includes Billet intake flanges and seals
-Includes Cometic® throttle body gasket
-Double sealed bearings
-Engineered for maximum performance to outperform competition
-Made in USA


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