Engine Building

From simple to complex, we've got you covered!

Need to fix a minor leak or do you need a compete rebuild?

No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered! We offer many engine upgrades and will be glad to sit down and discuss a plan that will work for you and your wallet. We have a complete machine shop that can handle whatever you throw at us. Just give us a call an schedule a time to come in and we’ll take a look at what you’ve got.


Case Boring
Cylinder Boring & Honing
Head Resurfacing
Guide Fitment & Installation
Valve Jobs
Compression Release Machining
Primary Ring Machining


Bolt-in Cam, Lifter, & Pushrod Kits
97″ kit
107″ kit
117″ kit
124″ kit

*All engine kits will require core changes.

Milwaukee 8 Kits
117″ Kit
120″ Kit
124″ Kit
127″ Kit 

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